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2014 Flyer

Great First Meet of 2014!!!

First Meet is complete, and I couldn’t be more happy!  We had some KEY members (15-20 swimmers) of our team missing, which I HOPE that changes soon.  And a handful of swimmers that had to leave early, which makes it tough on THEM swimming events back-to-back before hurrying off to their next activity.  But I am so excited for everyone, hoping we can get everyone back into the competitive Summer swim routine.

Despite our team missing several handfuls of our swimmers… In the team results, the PIRANHAS prevailed 469 pts to Genesee’s 350 pts.  Yay US!!!  Due to the size of our team (we are usually the smallest team in our league), so we need to relish this!!!  Well done.

Developmentally:  We had such a big crowd to train only one hour per evening the 4 days leading into this first meet, but with more than 70% of our swimmers getting best times in our first meet (which isn’t supposed to happen until later in the season), all I can say is a big THANK YOU to all our swimmers who did the Spring Training or stayed in the water with a club team during the winter (or some cases, both!!!).  Our big focus this week will be fitness/stretching/dryland/core training, as well as a couple STARTS/TURNS clinics!!!  I am looking forward to splitting the groups up into their own times in the mornings!!!

SO… how do you think YOU did at the meet?  What I would like for each of you to do is think about what events you wish to focus on, and look in the meet results for that event (see attached results).  You’ll notice there are 4 different time standards/cuts (ranging from a C-cut, B-cut, League cut and State cut).  Write those down and label them.  Then, see where you are compared to those times.  One thing I can assure you is that your times WILL DROP… are you close to a C-cut?  Think about 2-3 things you can work on this week to improve each swim and start REHEARSING those changes in practice!  Also, when we are doing dryland training, and you feel your muscles getting tired or burning, that hopefully is a sign that your muscles are going to get stronger and stronger.

Again, VERY proud of you all… 7 State Qualifying times (Marina, Maria-Irene, WillW), 35 League Qualifying times (Marina, Maria-Irene, WillW, Tanner, Miles, Hannah, Andres, Kai, Eli, Nicholas, Jordan, and Dylan), and there is a whole GAGGLE of swimmers that were knocking on the door of LEAGUES with “B” cuts (Tuva, Karly, Simmi, Joaquin, Dallas, Nola, Katie, Aunika, Toby, MayaD), and many more that WE KNOW you can and will improve quickly.

And I don’t have to apologize about this (hopefully), but my favorites this week are all the swimmers with no qualifying times yet… you inspire us to want to coach you to the moon and back!!!  Let’s make this next week of swimming count!!!  Get some rest, eat healthy, and let’s work hard this week in preparation for our meet at Mt Vernon Country Club.  In preparation, remember that MVCC is a little chilly in the first couple of events (so parents be sure they are dressed WARM and kept warm during the meet!!!).  Also, be sure to wake the kids up before you get to MVCC, so the kids won’t miss the WILDLIFE (deer/elk/etc. have been spotted regularly).  More details about next weekend’s to come!!!  (Sidenote:  WE have the best competitive pool in the FSA, but this pool we are travelling to, Mt Vernon CC, is the most beautiful environment for swimming competitively, in my opinion).

Seeya at the Pool!


Coach Kev                                        Coach David