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2014 Flyer

Genesee, Pentathalon, and a new Best Times

Nobody should be too surprised.  We FINALLY won a dual meet this past weekend, and it was AT Genesee Mountain Thunder, no less.  Final scoring:  Piranhas 547.5 pts, Genesee 388.5 pts.  Not only did we win, we won BIG (by nearly 160 points).  They are a larger team than us (86 to our 77), and we had several very fast swimmers not swimming, or swimming off events, but we had SO MANY faster swimmers, and it wasn’t just one girl or one boy in an age group.  In most cases it was three or four kids that really stepped it up in their three individual events.  Another HUGE contributor was our relays… we are really starting to click together as a team when it comes to relays!!!  Yes, we made a couple of silly relay mistakes (jumping too early, one-hand touches) that DQ’d a relay or individual here or there.  But I think we are starting to “get it?”  Relays don’t take alot of energy out of you, and they are so much fun to participate in.  And from a team points perspective, we gained 110 points just from our relays.  The bad news is, we lost about 68 points from silly mistakes that got relays DQ’d.  We will continue to work on those issues this week.

Another great meet for the Piranhas.  Ben Geisen, Andres Garfias, Marina Luna, Lulu Holland and Hannah Plummer all did a great job representing PIRANHAS at such an elite meet (swimmers swam all five stroke races, ie 50 fly, 50 back, 50 breast, 50 free, and 100 IM).  All five times were added up, and that’s how you get your final ranking!  Results were phenomenal, to say the least.  I am still awaiting complete cumulative results from Josh Griffin (the AAC coach).  Once I have both results files, I will send them out to everyone.

063013 Qual Times By Name:
Here is the best times report that I like to use, it gives me an idea of how close some of you are to getting certain qualifying times.  You will notice that I wrote by your best time what I think your next realistic goal could/should be.  In some cases (based on your current improvements/work ethic/ability), I might have stretched was is possible.  I hope this helps you set your sights on the big time!!!  After the time, I wrote a letter (C, B, L, or S, which might look like a 5 in some cases).  Hopefully you can figure it all out.

No meet this weekend due to the holiday.  Our next meet is at home at Anderson Pool.  Then Last Chance Meet.  Then League Championships.  Then State.  Watch for details on our next meet in the next couple days.

This Week:  What a great little practice this morning… Monday was FUNday, we played water polo, sharks and minnows, and the older division even had a Cannonball Championships off the diving board!!!  Very fun stuff.  Practices continue Tues, Wed, and Thurs normal times, and just an fyi, if you are in town and would like to practice on Saturday morning, we are waiting to hear if we CAN practice on Saturday morning.  It is completely optional, but will be very helpful for some of the kids that are on the brink of getting that qualifying time they are pushing for.


Coach Kev


303.949.8331 (mobile/text)

June 22 Events!!

Meet #1:  Saturday, June 22, 2013.  Piranhas vs. 5 Parks @ Stingrays.  Pool:  6th Ave. Foothills Pool, 400 Holmon Street, Golden, CO  80401
TEAM WARMUP:  Arrive 6:00am for stretching, 6:20am swimming warmup til 6:40am, 7:00am start!!!  (another team warms up right after us from 6:40a-7a, so we have to be prompt)
Meet Events:  I have attached the Event Numbers for each of the swimmers.  Please check that file for your swimmer’s events.  If they are not entered in anything, they forgot to signup (despite the coaches constantly hounding them at practices on Wed/Thurs).  Please TEXT Coach Kev (303.949.8331) right away with Name/Saturday Meet/Events, and you’ll be good.  Last weekend, it really helped EVERYBODY by having your swimmer’s numbers already written on their hand/arm/face.  Thanks, and hope we can have that happen again.  Also, we had a couple of no-shows last weekend.  Please simply TEXT Coach Kev (303.949.8331) if something comes up and/or your swimmer cannot make it.  Final note:  Parking around the pool at the 6th Ave facility is at a premium.  Show early, be prepared to walk a little.
Meet #2:  Sunday, June 23, 2013.  C/D Meet at MVCC (If you have a B-cut, League-cut, or State-cut in an event, you are NOT eligible to swim that event at the C/D Meet!!!  Also, if it is obvious you CAN make a B-cut or higher, but you just haven’t swam that event yet, again, no go!  The idea behind this meet is “super-fast swimmers need not apply.”  Gives the up-and-comers a chance to shine!)
Pool:  Mt. Vernon Country Club, 24933 Clubhouse Circle, Golden, CO  80403
TEAM Warmup:  Not sure, waiting to hear from the meet director when our team will have a lane or two to warmup in.  Meet starts at 7:00am SHARP, so I would plan on a 6:15-6:30am warmup time, unless you hear from me otherwise. 
Thanks, and let’s have a GREAT weekend.

C/D Meet Information

In addition to the meet at 6th Avenue Foothills Pool against Stingrays and 5Parks on Saturday this weekend, our swimmers that have yet to achieve a B-cut, League-Cut, or a State-cut can also compete in the “C/D Meet” on Sunday.  So, if you are looking at that recent BEST TIMES report I sent, you will have the following information:

Event      Time (Seconds)        Qual Time (_S=State, _L=League, _B=B-cut, C or nothing)       P/F (Prelims or Finals)

If you have C or nothing by your time, the C/D meet is for you.  All swimmers that have NOT yet achieved a B cut or a League cut or a State cut are eligible for swimming in this meet.  The idea behind this meet is that beginners and intermediate swimmers have a chance to shine without being overshadowed by the crazy fast kids.  The meet is at Mt. Vernon Country Club on Sunday, June 23, the meet will begin at 7a SHARP, and run pretty fast.  Competitors are limited to swimming in 4 events.  Please reply to this email or text me if your swimmer is going to be attending Sunday’s C/D Meet at MVCC, and which events they wish to swim.  Again, you cannot have a B-time, League time, or State time.  Entries for the C/D Meet are due tomorrow/Thursday, June 20.

Thanks, Coach Kev

303.949.8331 (remember, you can text me, this is probably my most efficient way to communicate.  Please be sure you include the swimmers name, meet, and events.  Thanks.

Water World Day!!!!

Hello Piranhas,

Next Tuesday, June 25th, is Water World Day for the Piranhas!!  We will buy the tickets (good for this date only) as a group and sell them for $25 each – regular admission price is $40 for adults, $35 for kids.   You can buy tickets for your family and as many friends as you would like to bring along – it’s a fun, FUN day for all!


When planning your day: hopefully some or all of our coaches will be able to make it, but you need to make arrangements for any younger children to have a parent/older friend/guardian with them as needed – that is just way too many kids to keep track of in an amusement park!  You can bring in lunches/coolers and we will have our banner at a Gathering Spot so hopefully everyone can find each other at some point.


What I would like to try to get from you all is an email estimate of how many will be attending so I can purchase the tickets tomorrow (this is NOT a commitment – just give me your best guess).  I will then have the tickets for purchase at practice Friday and Monday, and at the meet on Saturday.  Cash or check to the W/R Piranhas.

Thanks – hope you can make it!  Trish 

League and State Meets

Hello Piranhas Families,

I had a parent email and ask what League and State meets are, so a bit of explanation -

After the ‘regular’ swim season ends on July 13th, there are two meets that your child may swim in ONLY if they have qualified by swimming fast enough (getting a “league” or a “state” time).  They are both quite large and take place over three days (Fri-Sat-Sun).  Events are scheduled by day, however, so you would only attend the days where your events are scheduled. League is July 19th-21st, State is July 26th-28th.

Some of you may have noticed that on the Best Times attachment that Kevin sent out there were some letters next to some of the times – if there was an “L” or an “S”, that was a time that qualified for League or State.  He also attached a qualifying times page – it is available on our Team Information page.


Best Times from CK meet

I know, I know… everybody seems to be vacationing, playing in Europe, Italy, Aurora, wherever… But here are the facts.  Look at the CK meet results… Look at our team winning events, we even went 1-2 in an event.


Our TEAM PIRANHAS STATE Team has already grown bigger than 2012 (which was already one of our biggest STATE teams in recent years).  After the CKST meet today, our STATE Team:  Emily Bernstein, Tanner Dalton, Prudence Flores, Lulu Holland, Marina Luna, Tuva Seigel, and Maria-Irene Waterman (2012: 5 swimmers was our benchmark).


Now, here’s what is even MORE EXCITING:  We also ALREADY have more swimmers qualified for League Championships this season than in 2012.  Currently, PIRANHAS LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS TEAM (weekend of July 19-21, 2013):  Noah Bennett, Emily Bernstein, Tyler Bernstein, Tanner Dalton, Simmi Davis, Prudence Flores, Andres Garfias, Emma Gentry, Lulu Holland, Marina Luna, Jacob Parker (only 0.03 seconds from a League Qual time), Hannah Plummer, Nicholas Redhorse, Jordan Schlitzer, Drew Seidel, Tuva Siegel, Dylan Stemper, Maxi Vincent, Will Warner, Maria-Irene Waterman, and Miles Yamasaki.  AND we have 9 swimmers with at least “B” cuts at this point in the season, and those usually turn into League Cuts (Joseph Bleier, Mora Bleier, Sophia Decet, Ben Geisen, Katie Harrison, Aunika Skogen, Hazlen Skogen, Will Storey and Karly Tuttle).  There are SO many kids on our team (too many to list here, but look on the attached 061513 BEST TIMES REPORT) with C cuts or better, Emmylou and I couldn’t be more proud of what is going on…  Here is your STEP-BY-STEP:  (1) open the FSA file and find your goal times in your events, (2) what is the next closest cut time, C, B, A (League), or State, (3) Write down the cut times for each of your favorite events and focus on knocking them off one-by-one, and (4) once you have reached one goal, move on to the next.  Next thing you know, you are adding to our STATE team!!!


But WAIT… there’s MORE good news.  Emmylou and I actually witnessed girls on the WR PIRANHAS team at the meet… guess what they were doing?!? (almost getting teary-eyed here)… three girls were FIGHTING over who gets to swim in a relay!!!  Proud moment for both of us!!!  hahahaha  (Thanks girls, that’s the spirit).


Can anyone tell me how amazing it would be to add 10 additional swimmers to our League Championship team, add a TON of relays, and perhaps TRIPLE the size of our 2012 STATE TEAM?  We would be forced to change our team name from WR PIRANHAS to… wait for it ….


   W     R 
                 (Get it???)


Great job, Piranhas.  Next meet, Saturday, June 22, at the 6th Ave Pool against the Stingrays and “the other piranhas from 5 Parks.”  STAY TUNED!!!

Applewood Knolls Meet Information and a Cool Way to Get Meet Results

6:15 a.m. team warmup & stretch at Applewood Knolls (11520 W 32nd Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033)

6:30 a.m. team swimming/starts/turns warmup in the pool
7:00 a.m. Event Number 1

Just a quickly about tomorrow’s meet.  Attached is the closest thing we have to our final entries, easily organized into a name-by-name basis, just sent to the Applewood Knolls coach.  Emmylou and I will have relay names printed out tomorrow morning to review at Applewood Knolls just after warm-up is complete.  Please arrive early (parking is scarce, the earlier you get there the better).  We hope you can drop your swimmer(s) off at 6:15am with their EVENT NUMBERS (in the attached entry file) already written on their hand/wrist/foot/whatever so that we can stretch out and be in the water RIGHT AT 6:30am.  Meet starts promptly at 7a.

At this point, if you don’t find your name on the entry list, that just means you did not write in
your entries at WE, TH, or today’s practice.  Text me your name and what events you
would like to swim (Parents, feel free to do this for your swimmer) RIGHT AWAY.

Thanks and we will see you at Applewood Knolls on Saturday!!!  Bring SUNSCREEN and a WATER BOTTLE, gonna be a scorcher!!!

Meet Result App!

For the seasoned veteran swim team parents, and technically advanced, have you ever said to yourself, “Self, I wish there was some way I could find out how our swimmer just placed without waiting til the end of the meet?!?”

Well, this weekend is your lucky weekend.  http://www.activeswim.com/swim-meet-software/meet-mobile

Most teams in the FSA have access to post live results via the MeetMobile Application.  Simply download the app, find the meet “AK vs Wheat Ridge” on June 8, 2013 in the Browse Meets list.

By the time the meet starts, you will be able to quickly follow how your swimmer placed in his/her specific event (usually within a minute of the entry of their time into the meet computer).  The meet is already available for review… Once AKST downloads the meet into active.com, you will have entered the 21st Century!!!  Woo hoo!!!

Coach Kev
303.949.8331 mobile/text

Getting the Ball Rolling!

Hello Piranhas (and future Piranhas) -

Just a quick reminder about our first week of Summer Practice and our first meet of the season.

1). Summer practices start this Tuesday May 28th at Anderson Pool (44th Ave and Field Street.)  This 1st week we will practice from 6:30 – 7:30pm for ALL AGES.  If you have not yet registered for the summer, please try to do so at Tuesday’s practice.  If you cannot do this, find a coach or coard member at another evening practice to register.

2). We will have a parent meeting Tuesday at 7:15pm while practice is finishing up and the kids are getting dry/dressed.  Please try to attend – Kevin will talk to the parents and the board will have info packets for all.

3). Our first meet is this Saturday, June 1st and it is a HOME MEET.  This means we will run the concession stand, we will run the computers, we will provide meet officials (like judges, they determine whether swimmers are “legal” with their strokes) and we will need LOTS of help.  All parents should sign up for a timing shift, to work concessions, to help in the Heating Area (waiting area for the races), etc.  We will have sign-up sheets on Tuesday and throughout the week.

4). Also necessary for home meets is for the home team to set up and take down the pool.  We will set up during practice on Friday May 31st and also in the morning before the meet.  We will take down at the end of the meet.  Again – we need all parents to help!!  This is a lot of work for a few people, but if everyone helps it goes quickly and is not exhausting.

5). I’ve had a few questions about swimsuits – if you need to order a suit, our supplier is Barb at:

High Point Swim
1738 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302

(303) 545-2090


Please call or go down to order a suit, she has the Wheat Ridge Piranhas suit/logo.  If you don’t have one by June 1st don’t worry about it – just have your child wear a snug-fitting suit (not baggy jammers, they will really drag them down!)


6). Kevin will have the kids sign up for the events they want to swim in at the meet by Wednesday.  He can help if you/your child is not sure.  If you cannot make practices this week (there are still many school-related conflicts, we know J) email me if your child wants to swim in the meet!!


That’s all I can think of now – feel free to email other questions, or talk to any board member at the practices!